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Bison sp.

Bison sp.
  • Bison sp.
  • Bison sp.
  • Bison sp.
  • Bison sp.
  • Bison sp.
  • Bison sp.
  • Bison sp.

Bison sp piece of skull with hornpit: nondescript, ancient, more than 600 000 year old type of forest lifestyle bison

This type of bison was found in such as layers of soil where found Mammuthus meridionalis, Alces latiftons, Praemegaloceros remains too.

This piece of bison's bone has surfaced in Hungary, Pest county. They found during gravel mining in 2016.

The hornpit, when it has been found, was in two pieces. It has been glued together and it is preserved against the tooth surface sputtering with PVB (Movital). 

Weight ca: 1277 gram + packing.
Size ca: 320 mm x 109 mm

  • Size: 320 mm x 109 mm
    Weight: 1277 gram
    Site: Hungary, Pest-county
    Age: 2 500 000-600 000 year

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    1.277 kg/pc
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