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Mineral & Gem (France)
26-30 June 2024.

MOM Sport (Budapest, Hungary) 5-6. október 2024.

Lurdy-Ház (Budapest, Hungary)
6-8. december 2024.


PaleoTime (Netherland)              9. March 2024.

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Payment solution

Terms of purchase

Purchasing Information

The website provides product presentations, and online ordering options for the Users. The website user, can browse menus. The products can be found in the system sorted by category. In the New menu item can be found, as new products are uploaded to the website.


For reseller benefits is an individual agreement possible.


Click on the name list of the categories of products can be seen in it. If all the products in that category do not fit on one page, you can try using the numbers above and below in the products. The list of products on a detailed product page by clicking on the name of the product is available in detailed information about the characteristics of the price of the ordered product.


The site provides product search by keyword.
Matching search results product, similar to the Categories list properly displayed.


The chosen product in the shopping cart button to be placed in the basket next to the button the required number of units can be set. The user can check the contents of the basket of the cart menu point. Here can change the fact that the product in the basket  quantity to order or remove the item.
With the Empty Cart button it is possible to empty the full basket. The user clicking on the Order button can continue the purchase process. As a second step it is possible to enter, register and purchase without registration.


Registration and purchase without registration under the user must provide the following information: e-mail address, name, phone number, billing address and shipping address if different. To register, in addition to the above data, a password is required to enter. The successful registration of the user's e-mail and website information. The user may request cancellation of the registration of e-mail service provider, in this case to a new purchase you need to register again. The user is responsible of rights of access is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality.

The user is responsible for updating the data and is required to report to the Service if it becomes aware that a third party has misused the data. In case of a forgotten password on the home page can request a new password to the registered e-mail address. If a user were registered on the website earlier, the ordering process can continue by entering  the user e-mail address and password.

The offer next step, the user has to select the appropriate payment for and delivery method. The user with a summary page can review all previously entered data, and the choosen products to order, ant the quantities of them. In a data entry errors can edit by using the pencil icon the entered data. When satisfied, the user can finalize his/her order button to order. From this site and will receive an email confirmation. If (eg .: in confirmation e-mail) notices after the order fixing faulty data it has to write immediately, but it is required to be notified to the Service within 24 hours.

Ordering regardless of intent, the user's access to the Customer Login window or the Log menu, can perform. After logging in, you'll see to modify the data menu point, where you entered during registration data can be amended and the purchase order information, order status can track.

To view the prices do not have to log in. There is a possibility of credit card and / or online bank transfer payments. No coupons, reseller discount is individual treatment.


Tender validity period, confirmation


The Service informs the User About verifying within 48 hours. If the user does not receive it within 48 hours of confirmation, the user is exempt from subject to contract, the ordered products are not obligated to accept.

The confirmation e-mail contains information provided during the purchase, the order data, the ordered product (s) name, the price, the preferred payment and shipping methods, order number, and in addition, comments about a user ordering.

The reseller customers group does not automatically receive a letter of confirmation and does not apply the withdrawal of the 48-hour option described above rights from commitments. The Service tries to reply to everyone quickly.


Conclusion of contract

The contract concludes only in Hungarian. The ordering a contract concluded by electronic means for which the e-commerce services, and the CVIII 2001 on certain aspects of information society services. properly governed by the Act. The contract is covered by Regulation 45/2014 (II.26.) Gov. On the detailed rules of contract between the consumer and the enterprise belongs and keep the European Parliament on the rights of consumers and of the Council 2011/83 / EU Directive, the provisions in mind.
The Service in addition to the automated confirmation e-mail sent to the User by a second email (accepting a separate e-mail) within 48 hours, which allows users to offer accepted, and so a separate e-mail on the conclusion of the contract by the offer Provider arrival. It is established and not by e-mail on an automatic order confirmation of the arrival of within 48 hours.

Archive/registered contract

The contract through the website does not constitute a written contract, the Service not archived it, not subsequently available.





The Service issues a paper bill, this attach to the package / shipment. From this the Service can differ to the case of special needs. If the user want to ask separate invoice for each item, he/she must indicate this to the Service.








Transfer only in Hungarian (HUF) Forint

Bank account: 65100118-11323752 TAKBHUHB
IBAN: HU85 6510 0118 1132 3752 0000 0000

Personal pick in a pre-arranged time and place or at the registered office of the Service.




Acceptance option, shipping

The package will be sent by post or with DPD courier service (which the customer has chosen when ordered) after recieve of the purchase amount within two business days.

Special conditions: Please note the message will be displayed, because if the Service is abroad it will be written off, which is the nearest delivery date.

If the user examine for the damage the product when receive it,  to can complain to the courier, this constitutes an additional service, which will cost more than some products prices even.

When you take only examine the packaging for damage and then on the day of receive of the package is obliged to check the product for damage. Notify the Service in case of any damage.

If the service provider personally take over the product, when take over, check the product for damage.

The customer can choose between DPD or MPL courier services.


DPD courier service

The delivery is done by the DPD Hungária Kft. Shipping address entered in the address or work address as well. It should indicate the address where you are likely staying in someone who can take the package to be expected at the time of delivery. Delivery takes place on weekdays from 8-17 hours. If the package fails to pass a given point in time, the package is returned to the DPD. The expenses incurred shall be borne by the customer in this case.

MPL courier service

The delivery is done by MPL courier service.

The postage rate applies, which you can view here.

Deliveries in on working days possible.

We do not ship by cash on delivery.


The user can enter an address in the workplace, even if weekdays are not at the specified address during registration.


The package current situation the Hungarian Post tracking service gives information.

The Service - in the absence of a different agreement - is required without delay after the conclusion of the contract, but not later than thirty days within the consumer be made available to (deliver) the
product. If the Provider is entitled to additional time delay Consumer set. If the Service does not perform within the second deadline, the consumer is entitled to cancel the contract. The Consumer set no extension of time shall be entitled to cancel the contract if the contract was denied by the Service Provider or the contract with the specified performance time as agreed between the parties or the destination of the service recognizable reason - and sometimes not - should have been completed.





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